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To prevent external email attacks, MasBytes applies a series of controls over different mail servers, such as private
every domain of our customers.


  • No size restrictions apply for messages, neither incoming nor outgoing.
  • There are no restrictions on file types attached.

Incoming Messages External Servers:

Entering different MX servers, and in each of these MX, and also depending on the destination domain, the following restrictions may apply:

  • Filtering Sender domain in blacklists.
  • Filtering by IP in RBLs, blacklists that are used:
  • Filter by Subject, the messages are analyzed and the Subjects are identified.
  • SPF filtering, it is identified if the IP / Server of origin of the message, is authorized in DNS by its administrator.

After these first filters, different types of analysis of the content of the message can be applied according to the receiving domain.

  • Antivirus filtering.
  • SpamAssassin filtering, content rule filters and Bayesian analysis of message content.
  • Filtering CRM114, content analysis filter, custom per domain receiver, and allows learning by users domain receiver.
  • RSPAM filtering, rule extension filtering and content.

In all cases, we use white lists, (WhiteList), to prevent messages from valid senders, can be processed


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